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God’s Rest

The soul rest that God promises!

As I get to know God by trusting Him and being obedient, I now know that Jesus is worth trusting.


Most of my Christian life has been filled with activity directed out of my own effort.

I have worked diligently to do what I think God wants me to do ,for the church, and to help others.


I’ve also worked to keep my person relationships and people in order, I’ve attempted to manage relationships to the best of my ability, I don’t want to get hurt by someone, again, so I keep close guard.


This type of thinking and living has kept me from the true rest that God wants me to experience, it actually wears me out and leaves me anxious, and empty.


While you are watching this sermon on “Gods Rest” find hope and rest for your weary souls. Resting is vital if I desire the life God has planned for me. Could you be resting while laboring in Christ?


Watch my sermon on “God’s Rest”and find out for yourself!


Jeff Markland

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