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Gods Covering

Pastor Jeff Markland talks about how we all have God’s covering.
We as a family can cover each other under God’s covering because God protects us as we protect each other.

 There are times in our lives when we were hurt by someone and that causes us to lash back and sometimes we hurt someone else and they lash back at us.

 God will cover us if we love each other deeply no matter what we’ve done to each other.

(1 Peter 4:8)
“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

Recently I had hurt my family and in particular my sister and she lashed back. 

 As time passed I really resented  her for doing so but I found God’s covering and loved her deeply and then and  only then did she love me back  under God’s covering! 

thank you Pastor Jeff Markland for all you do in our community and across the world!

Bill Shoemaker

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